Welcome to Miller Tree Farm. At Miller Christmas Tree Farm, we have lots of traditions.  You can choose and cut your own tree in our field or choose a pre-cut tree from our lot.  With each tree, you receive an uncirculated state quarter and candy canes for the kids. ¬†After you choose your tree, it gets put on the shaker to shake the loose needles off the tree.  Children love to watch their tree on the shaker. Then your tree gets put in the bagger, where a plastic bag gets put around the tree so it is easier to haul and easier to get through doors. We also have rope for you to tie your tree onto your vehicle and off you go.
Tree Lot.Tree Lot.Tree Lot.Tree Lot
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Miller Tree Farm
7404 SE Vandalia, Runnells, IA 50237 ~ 515-266-9881

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